Pick Your Own recognises that there are a significant number of young people who are isolated and a bit stuck. These are difficult times and many state that our young people are in a mental health crisis. 

There has been a lot of work done to address the stigma of mental health, raise awareness and encourage young people to seek help. As with all new ideas and language it can take a while to be properly understood and at the moment the language of depression and anxiety is everywhere.


Whilst there are a number of young people needing specific mental health interventions there are others who would benefit from a different level of support. Pick Your Own feels that it is important to show belief in young people and give them some choices. (See under How it Works for groups of young people who might benefit from PYO support.)


Coaching helps young people to recognise their own strengths, resources and resilience, their  competency and  achievement and how to tap into these to support their hopes and realise possibilities. It can help them shift their focus from negative self diagnosis to understand and manage feelings of anxiety, worry and low confidence.

The benefits of physical, creative activity and learning opportunities are well documented. It is also known that connecting with others, building relationships and receiving support but also, and importantly, giving support is good for our wellbeing and makes us feel better about ourselves.

Here at Pick Your Own we offer a blended approach of formal/informal coaching, mentoring, supported social prescription and opportunities for peer support.

Pick Your Own Objectives:

- To reach out, listen and build up a supportive mentoring relationship with 'stuck' and isolated young people with the aim to increase well-being and reduce social and emotional isolation.

- To provide consistent and ongoing mentoring with the options of coaching, tutoring, mediation and, importantly, to accompany young people to a  self-selected (Pick Your Own) timetable of physical, creative and  learning activities.

- To provide a menu of activity providers, who we support to ensure that they are a good fit for less confident young people.

- To provide peer mentoring opportunities to Pick Your Own alumni.  

- To provide volunteering opportunities for inter-generational residents to support Brighton & Hove's young people.