Aged 11-17 in Brighton& Hove and if you would like to feel more confident. You may or may not be (it doesn't matter) a young person ....

- with ADHD

- with  behaviour difficulties

- from the BAME community

- who is a refugee/asylum seeker

- who has a parent/family member in prison

- who is fostered or adopted 

- who has a parent in the armed forces

- who has difficult things going on at home

- who has a parent with difficulties in their use of drink/drugs

- who wants to feel proud about your sexuality

- who wants to get on better with the adults in your life

- who has a parent who needs you to care for them

- who struggles with friendships

- who needs a bit of help with learning

- who wants to feel better about yourself at school

- who, for whatever, reason feels a bit stuck or lonely

You might like to get in touch if you are:

You or an adult can contact us by phone, text or email, or our Get in Touch page.

With your adult's consent we will meet you in a place that you are comfortable and have a chat about your best hopes.

If adult consent is a worry you can contact us and we can see if there is anything that we can do to help.

You can decide if you want to see us again and, if you do, we can talk some more and look at what you might like to try out from a menu of activities.

You don't have to try any activities until you're ready, we will go at your pace.