Who are we?

Elizabeth Freeman- Founder & Operations Manager

Elizabeth wants to help young people who don't always find it easy to get what they need to feel happy and supported. Most importantly she wants young people to feel that they are strong and clever and funny and to be able to use this part of themselves to be OK.

Elizabeth is a qualified teacher and has trained in various counselling and coaching approaches, she has spent many years working with and for young people. She has been a Head Teacher of a small school for young people with behavioural and emotional difficulties, a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinatoor (SENCO) in a Brighton primary school. She has worked for East Sussex and Brighton & Hove Education Authorities as a manager both for SEN and Mental Health systems and school support around these and has also managed and delivered support for Young Carers through the Carers's Centre.

Melanie Lewis- 


Melanie's background is as a Barrister specialising in Family

Law cases and for the last 20

years as a Tribunal Judge sitting

on cases in special educational needs and disability,

discrimination in schools, care standards and primary health. 

Melanie also has extensive experience of Immigration cases. She is now working part time to focus on community projects.  She is a trustee of the Brighton Festival .

Sarah Jack-


Sarah has many years experience in both social work, solution focused counselling and supervision. Sarah brings extensive and qualified experience and insight to PYO.

 She has been counselling since 1989, and has been inspired by the resilience, bravery and sensitivity of the many adults, young people, families and couples she has worked with. 

Pamela Yeomans -


Pamela brings over forty years of administrative experience to PYO. 

Pamela is currently Academic Research Administrator and External Relations Manager for the Centre for Rheumatology & Connective Tissue Diseases at The Royal Free Hospital, London. Her administrative experience includes financial management, fundraising, website content and liaison with service users.

Caroline Davies-


Caroline has a nursing and advocacy background focusing on health and wellbeing for BAME young people. She is also a rep on Brighton & Hove Council's Children & Young People's Committee.

caroline (2).JPG

Caroline is co-founder of Fresh Youth Perspectives, a Parental Community Forum that supports families with challenges of youth wellbeing and mental/emotional health. FYP lobbies for innovative solutions and aspirational outcomes around wellbeing for local young people.