Are you 13-21 years old in Brighton & Hove? Are you feeling a bit stuck? A bit isolated? Wanting to withdraw?  Pick Your Own is here to help.

What we can do together:

What we do: Have a chat about well-being and how to live a life that makes you feel better about yourself.

What you do: Pick your own things that make you feel better about yourself, think about what you do already and what you might like to do.

What we do: Show you some activities that you might like ( these might be physical, creative, learning or just meeting others). 

What you do: Pick your own activities to try out.

...... and then ....

When you have Picked Your Own activities, we will go with you (as many times as you want) and we will make sure that the people you meet are kind and supportive, hopefully a bit of a laugh and ready to show you what they do to see if you like it.

Here are some of the activities you can try out:


What we do: Listen to your best hopes and imagine how you might make changes, it can be very hard to do this on your own.

What you do: Pick your own space and pace, we will come to you- your house,  a local cafe, take the dog for a walk, chat over the phone- you choose.

What we do: Acknowledge your feelings such as anxiety and low confidence, explore your strengths and have a think about building you up. 

What you do: Pick your own way to tell us how you feel now and how you'd like to feel- we look forward to listening to you.

What we do: Recognise that there are many reasons that you don't get out and about and think these through with you.

What you do: Pick your own ideas and ways forward-we look forward to building on these with you, we can make suggestions if you get stuck.


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Supported by The National Lottery Community Fund, Brighton & Hove Youth Led Grants and Sussex Community Foundation

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